Revitalizing Home Comfort: A Los Angeles Heating System Success Story

At Relaxed Heating & Air Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch heating services to residents across Los Angeles County. Our recent project at a local residence, where we successfully repaired and maintained a Rheem central furnace, is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

A Distressed Call from Dawn

Dawn, the homeowner, reached out to us with concerns about her heating system. She was experiencing a myriad of issues – an unignorable gas smell, power failures, increased energy bills, and uneven heating throughout her house. The frequency of repairs had escalated over time, and she was worried about the potential risks associated with these recurring problems.

Our Diagnostic Process

Upon arrival at Dawn's home, our team of licensed and experienced technicians quickly got to work. We used our trusty tools – a cordless drill and multimeter – to perform a thorough inspection of her heating system. We discovered that the spark ignition module needed replacement and there was no sediment trap on the gas line.

A Comprehensive Solution for Dawn's Heating System

We replaced the faulty spark ignition module and installed a new sediment trap on the gas line. This not only addressed the immediate problems but also helped prevent future issues. We also performed routine maintenance on the burner section to ensure optimal performance.

The Result: A Revitalized Heating System

After our service, Dawn noticed an immediate improvement in her home's comfort levels. Her heating system was now reliable and quiet, leading to lower maintenance costs in the long run. She also reported improved air comfort and significantly reduced energy costs.

Why Choose Relaxed Heating & Air Inc.

As a locally owned business with over 15 years of experience in HVAC contracting, we are dedicated to providing fast service at competitive rates. Our reputation precedes us – we are BBB accredited and have been referred by numerous home warranty companies.

  • We offer a full range of services including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance of various types of heating systems such as natural gas fired, propane gas fired, oil fired, electric fired systems, and more.
  • We work with top furnace brands including American Standard, Amana, Bryant, Carrier, Daikin, Goodman, Lennox, Rheem Ruud, Trane York HEIL.
  • We provide flexible payment options tailored to suit your needs.

Get in Touch Today!

If you're facing problems with your heating system or simply need routine maintenance in Los Angeles County area like Dawn did – don't hesitate! Give us a call at +1 818-901-0250 today for reliable and efficient service. Remember – at Relaxed Heating & Air Inc., we're not just fixing your heating system; we're revitalizing your home comfort!