Expert AC System Installation in Los Angeles County Brings Comfort and Savings to Homeowners

When it comes to maintaining a comfortable home environment, the importance of a reliable and efficient air conditioning system cannot be overstated. At Relaxed Heating & Air Inc., we understand the needs of homeowners in Los Angeles County and are committed to providing top-notch HVAC services. One of our most recent projects involved the installation of a new Goodman air conditioning system for a local family home. This project not only improved the family's overall comfort but also resulted in significant energy savings, better air quality, and reduced maintenance costs.

An In-Depth Assessment Reveals Multiple Issues with Existing Systems

The homeowner, Christina, contacted us after discovering her existing air conditioning systems were not cooling her home efficiently. Upon arriving at her property in Costa Mesa, our team conducted a thorough inspection and preventative maintenance on both the downstairs and upstairs air conditioning systems. During our assessment of the downstairs system, we found that the condenser was cycling on and off due to low Freon levels caused by a leaking filter drier. We explained to Christina that it would be more cost-effective to replace the condenser and piston (metering device) located in the attic rather than attempting to repair the current issues and recharge the system with 19 lbs of Freon. As for the upstairs system, we determined that it was not cooling properly due to a faulty metering device for the compressor. We also discovered a leaking valve core on the suction line which we promptly replaced. Additionally, we replaced the capacitor and charged the system with 3 lbs of R-410A refrigerant. After making these repairs, the upstairs system was functioning correctly.

Recommendations for Optimal Performance and Longevity

Before moving forward with the installation of a new condenser for the downstairs system, we made several recommendations to Christina to ensure optimal performance and longevity of her air conditioning systems. First, we advised that she remove some bushes on the side of her property to provide easy access for the replacement of the condenser. Second, we recommended blocking off the sprinklers near the outdoor units to prevent potential water damage.

New Goodman AC System Installation Ensures Improved Comfort and Efficiency

After discussing our findings and recommendations with Christina, she agreed to proceed with the installation of a new 5-ton Goodman condenser for her downstairs air conditioning system. We installed a 14 SEER straight cool unit that utilizes R410a refrigerant, ensuring better energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The new Goodman condenser provided several immediate benefits for Christina's home:

  • Quieter operation: The modern design and improved components resulted in a much quieter system compared to her old unit.
  • Lower maintenance costs: The new unit requires less frequent repairs and maintenance due to its advanced technology.
  • Improved air comfort: The upgraded system delivers consistent cooling throughout Christina's home, providing increased comfort during hot Los Angeles County summers.
  • Lower energy costs: The higher efficiency rating of the new Goodman unit translates into reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.
  • Improved reliability: With fewer breakdowns and more stable performance, Christina can rely on her new AC system during even the hottest days.
  • Better air quality: The upgraded components and more efficient operation of the new system contribute to an overall enhancement in indoor air quality.

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