A Life-Changing Central A/C System Installation in Agoura Hills

At Relaxed Heating & Air Inc., we're always thrilled to help our customers in Los Angeles County improve their comfort at home. So when Mark from Agoura Hills contacted us after finding us through an online search, we were eager to provide him with top-notch HVAC services. Little did we know that our work would not only transform his home but also greatly improve his family's quality of life.

The Problem: An Outdated and Inefficient HVAC System

Mark's house on Conejo View Drive had an old 2-ton R22 straight cool condenser situated on the ground outside. The outdated evaporator coil was located inside the coil, while the up-flow gas furnace was in a closet inside the house. This all added up to an inefficient and unreliable system that caused frequent discomfort for Mark and his family members. Their air conditioning problems included low air quality, inadequate cooling, excessive noise, and high energy costs. They knew it was time to invest in a newer, more efficient HVAC system and chose Relaxed Heating & Air Inc. for our expertise and competitive pricing.

Our Solution: A State-of-the-Art Central Air Conditioning System

After carefully assessing Mark's existing setup and requirements, we recommended the following upgrades:

  • Replacing the old 2-ton R22 straight cool condenser with a 2.5-ton R410a refrigerant 14 SEER straight cool condenser from Ameristar.
  • Upgrading the existing 2-ton flow R22 evaporator coil with an up-flow 2.5-ton R410A refrigerant evaporator coil from ADP.
  • Installing a new 40K BTU up-flow 80% efficiency furnace from Ameristar to replace the outdated gas furnace.

By upgrading these key components of the HVAC system, we were confident that Mark's home would see immediate improvements in air quality, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Installation Day: A Smooth and Efficient Process

On the day of the installation, our team of fully licensed and qualified technicians arrived at Mark's Agoura Hills residence ready to work. We pride ourselves on our ability to complete projects in a timely manner, and this project was no exception. In just one day, our team successfully installed the new central air conditioning system and conducted thorough testing to ensure everything was running smoothly. Our technicians also took the time to educate Mark on how to properly maintain his new HVAC system for optimal performance and longevity. This included advice on regular filter changes and scheduling professional maintenance checks as needed.

The Results: A Complete Transformation in Comfort and Efficiency

The impact of our work was immediately apparent. With their new central air conditioning system in place, Mark and his family experienced:

  • Improved reliability, with fewer breakdowns and less need for repairs.
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs.
  • A quieter system that didn't disrupt their daily lives.
  • Enhanced air comfort throughout the entire house.
  • Reduced energy costs, thanks to a more efficient system.
  • Better air quality, contributing to a healthier living environment.

Mark was thrilled with the results and has since referred several friends and neighbors to Relaxed Heating & Air Inc., knowing that we provide top-quality HVAC services at affordable prices.

Choose Relaxed Heating & Air Inc. for Your Agoura Hills HVAC Needs

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