Reviving Home Comfort: A Tale of Two Payne Air Conditioning Systems in Los Angeles County

We at Relaxed Heating & Air Inc. are always ready to share our success stories. This particular tale revolves around a beautiful family home in Los Angeles County that was experiencing issues with their two Payne central air conditioning systems. The problem was simple: there wasn't enough cooling. But as experienced HVAC repair technicians, we knew the solution would require expertise and precision.

The Call for Help

The homeowner, Timothy, reached out to us after being referred by his home warranty company. He was concerned about the lack of cooling from both of his Payne air conditioning units, one situated upstairs and the other downstairs. Understanding the urgency of the situation, we dispatched our skilled team on the same day.

Diagnosing the Problem

Upon arrival at Timothy's residence, our team immediately set out to diagnose the issue. After thorough assessment, it was clear that both Payne central air conditioning systems were low on refrigerant due to faulty valve cores.

Downstairs System Repair

We started with the downstairs system. The valve core was replaced swiftly and 4 lbs of R-410A refrigerant was charged into the system. Upon completion of this process, we tested the system thoroughly to ensure it was working optimally.

Upstairs System Repair

Next, we moved onto the upstairs system where we replaced two valve cores and charged 4 lbs of R-407C refrigerant. Again, rigorous testing followed to confirm that the system was functioning properly. By the end of our service visit, both Payne central air conditioning systems were blowing cool air again much to Timothy's relief.

A Sigh of Relief

Timothy's satisfaction with our prompt and efficient service is just another testament to our commitment towards delivering exceptional HVAC repair services in Los Angeles County. It's these kind of success stories that drive us to continuously improve and maintain our high standards.

Why Choose Relaxed Heating & Air Inc.

  • We have over 15 years of experience in HVAC contracting.
  • We're easy to reach and offer reasonable pricing.
  • All our technicians are fully licensed and qualified.
  • We provide flexible payment options tailored to suit your needs.


At Relaxed Heating & Air Inc., we believe every home deserves optimal comfort all year round. Our dedication towards ensuring this is unwavering and reflected in every project we undertake. This successful restoration of two Payne central air conditioning systems in a Los Angeles County home is just one example of our commitment to quality service delivery. Whether you need an HVAC repair or routine maintenance service in Los Angeles County, trust us at Relaxed Heating & Air Inc. We're more than ready to help you restore or maintain your home's comfort.


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